Swarm Removal

Bee swarm removal is not something for the unequipped to try themselves, but that does not mean you have to call in the pest control company or the bee exterminator! It’s possible to have bees removed humanely and most times even free of charge – as beekeepers we do not charge for this service! A bee swarm is a fascinating sight, although it may unnerve some people! A dense cloud of bees whirling into the air – even on a warm sunny day, can cause panic. However, the first point to note is that a bee swarm is NOT looking to attack you.

The bees are merely looking for a new place to make a home. In doing so, a honey bee swarm may rest in a particular place whilst scout bees go off to find a suitable place to make a permanent nest. Please respect the bees! Keep children and pets away. Don’t spray or throw things at them! Give us a call at (724)516-1015 and we will help you the best we can to remove them from your property!