Live Bee Hive Removals

Why do honeybees build their hives in urban areas?
Honeybees tend to construct their hives inside safe structure for them is usually a dark void with a small opening. Dealing with honeybees can cause an owner a major headache because it doesn’t seem like complex issue but there is a degree of difficulty completely remedying the problem.
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How big is my bee problem in my wall?
When honeybees swarm and establish themselves into a new home they first build wax comb cells and begin to fill these cells with nectar (this later becomes honey) and deposit collected pollen. The queen will begin to lay eggs in other cells.  In a recently established hive, the amount of comb and brood (immature bees) will be small. A more established hive may have wax comb filling up the entire space 16″ x 4″ x 7-8 ‘ between the studs and may contain 50,000 to 60,000 honeybees. If the wall becomes too hot especially on the south side of the building, the wax may melt and honey may flow down the wall. An active hive keeps the hive cool enough, so this seldom happens.  Honey and wax that is not kept cool by a colony of honeybees can melt and seep through your walls. The smell of honey and wax left behind by a colony is also a calling card to new swarms, rodents and insects.
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Why a Complete Live Bee Removal instead of exterminating them with Pest Control?
With Pest Control you may need to call several before you find one that will eradicate the complete honeybee colony. You expect that honeybee eradication is not a simple task and the charges for these services will reflect the difficulty of the job.  It has been our experience that a single pest control treatment kills only the adult bees flying or walking around the nest.  After a few days the pupa, protected by the wax of their cells, will emerge as adults and continue the colony, or additionally a neighboring swarm could take up new residence or the unguarded honey could be a calling card for unwanted rodents and insects.  At this point you still haven’t solved the problem and you spent hard earn money for this inadequate service.
We at Buck Run Honey are professional beekeepers with experience in construction.  During a typical live bee removal we will carefully open up the structure, physically remove the entire beehive, honey and the bees.  We will then disinfect the area and as a bonus if hive hasn’t been sprayed we will provide you with some honey.  We can provide reconstruction services for a small additional fee.  At the end you can rest easy that bees will be safety removed by an experience beekeeper while maintaining the integrity of your home or other structure.
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