About Us

HONEGROWN HEROESOur honey is 100% pure, raw honey; never pasteurized or high-pressure filtered. Honey contains many very important anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial, enzymes, minerals and trace vitamins. Which would be destroyed during pasteurization.

Produced locally in South West Pennsylvania. Buck Run Honey Farm has a wide variety of honey to suit your needs. My Wife  and I run our small apiaries (bee hives) throughout Indiana and Westmoreland Counties. We continue to bring you unique varietal and artisanal honeys, harvesting through the growing seasons spring, summer and fall. As the growing season begins every year we do come across some very unique wildflower honeys, so keep your eyes open you’ll never know what shows up and how much there will bee.

We are a state certified honey processing facility and also PA Preferred and Home Grown Hero Veteran Farmer Certified.

We also remove established hives from buildings and swarms.